Changelog #3 | Innovations from 10.04.2020

Hello Gamers,

★ Steam OpenID Integration ★

To make the registration process easier and faster it is now possible to register via Steam. Already registered users can also benefit from Steam OpenID by linking their forum user profile to the Steam profile. After the link you can also use your Steam profile picture as a gaming lounge profile picture with a mouse click. To answer certain questions: It is not planned to require a verification via Steam at the moment or in the near future!

★ WSC-Connect ★

Gaming Lounge on your mobile phone? No problem we are member of WSC-Connect since 08.04. What is that? WSC-Connect is a mobile app that you can download from the Google Play-Store or the Apple App-Store, then you can add your favourite forums in the app and Tadaaaaaaaa You can participate in the forum events anytime and anywhere and also receive push notifications on your mobile phone! For more information, visit the WSC-Connect website.

:!:We strongly recommend that you check your notification settings and adjust them if necessary before activating the app, as you will also receive a push message on your mobile phone for each forum notification:!:

★ Tash mail addresses Blocker ★

To prevent spammer trollers and Co. from disfiguring the Gaming Lounge forum we have decided to technically block all registrations with trash mail (e.g. 10 minute mail) addresses. Already registered users will be asked to change their e-mail address individually. An e-mail change is possible at any time in the account settings.

★ Profile ban info ★

In a nutshell, only Gaming Lounge Team members can access profiles of locked users.

★ Forum Online Time ★

All interested users will now find the Forum Online time at the end of the forum.

★ Twitch box ★

To increase our range a little bit we are now also in a partnership with some Twitch streamers. You can find them on the Twitch partner page.

Best regards

Your Gaming Lounge Team:saint: